New Members

To become a veteran GOLFER,You need to be male person who has attained the age of 55 years old or a female person who has attained the age of 50 Years,is an amateur golfer and is a Financial playing Member of a Golf Club  affiliated with Golf Australia having a current Golf Australia handicap and is a member of a Veteran Association or Union or body affiliated with the Australian Veteran Golf Union to those persons whom Management Committee consider warrant special consideration. When you pay your membership fee, currently $15.00 per annum, you will receive a membership card with your number on it, which is also your receipt. This number must be displayed on your score card each time you play.

Fees for 2020 are City Golf Club will be $18 and the Toowoomba Golf Club will be $18. At our country courses the fees to play are presently $25.00 which includes lunch.

Also, if you are unable to play you can take your name off the web site By 5 pm on a Saturday or please advise the Time Sheet Co-ordinator or the Club where we are playing as soon as possible so that you can be deleted from the field.

Club shirts are available at reasonable cost. Orders placed and paid for are usually available the following month.

Download, Fill In and Print our membership form here