Dalby Golf Club game $15 and you indicate if you want pie and desert when paying and pay club when you come in for lunch.

Game on the 17th  August will now be at City G C due to not to being able to agree on costs for the day.


Dalby Golf Club hosted 66 players on 10th August for a Single Stroke Challenge sponsored by Burstows.


Division 1:- Winner John Green 70 nett, Runner-up Bill Baker 71 nett.

Division 2:- Winner Debby Routh 76 nett on C/B, Runner-up David Law 76 nett on C/B.

Ball run down to 76 nett.

Pins:- Div. 1 Mike Peeck, Div. 2 Lance Blinco, Div. 3 Not Won, All In Mike Maher.

Over 80:- Keith Spry 77nett.


Coming Events:

Aug 17th City Golf Club Single Stab timesheet start. The game at Pittsworth is cancelled and is replaced by this game at City.

Aug 24th City Golf Club Single Stroke first round of Championships and a Burstows Challenge round timesheet start.

Aug 31st Toowoomba Golf Club Single Stroke second round of Championships and a Burstows Challenge round timesheet start.



All games will be Timesheet starts until we can go back to normal


Championships in August, the 24th Aug will now be at City G C, the 31st will now be at Toowoomba G C.

 QVGU State Championship at Parkwood has been Cancelled.

QVGU State Carnival City G C Toowoomba 12th & 13th Oct is going ahead. 

AVGU National Championships are at Yarrawonga Nov 30 to Dec 4th have been Cancelled.

The new Handicapping system from Golf Australia went live on the 1st Feb, the new system will have a big effect on your daily handicaps, Golflink has it set up in their system so when you come to golf we will have your handicap for that course there for you. 


 All members are reminded that they are to be booked in to the host Club no later than 30 minutes prior to start times as if you are late you will not be in competition.

The reason is we need to have all monies in and players sheet adjusted by 8.45 am to then send players to tees.This is a new rule the Committee has  Implemented.